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Branding Case Study

Since starting out in 2014, I’ve worked with various clients across different fields. With each client's brand image and target audiences in mind, I work  to understand exactly what each client needs.

In early 2021 a children's author approached me seeking a total rebrand. He had recently retired after 30+ years as a college professor and felt called to write Christian works for children. He pitched his newest story to an agent who loved his story and asked him to write an entire series.


As you can imagine, he was completely thrilled until she asked for him to develop a website and create content. He quickly contracted a web developer and began blogging. As time went by, he gained a small following and presented his website and content to his agent. After a brief scroll through each page, she told him he needed to change everything. He needed to be more kid friendly. That's when he came to me.


After performing an initial set up phone call, and listening to his vision, I began to research all of the best selling writers for children and adult literature, along with the top spiritual writers. This step was imperative for seeing what everyone in the literature space is doing. In my opinion, research is essential for brand development and strategy, because it gives us the information that we need to know in order to stand out while fitting in.

Keeping in mind his professional background, we found a voice that conveyed both professional professor and children's author. We updated his website to reflect this new tone across all of his pages. We updated his social media, which luckily had not launched yet, and set the brand voice  we wanted.


As part of the author's request, we had to tackle the his future advertising and marketing efforts. With the firm belief that branding should be consistent across all media, we put a lot of effort into the creation of content (blogs, engagement pieces, social media posts, etc.) and advertisements to convey our new tone. We developed creative work that directly addressed the target audience and said exactly what the author stood for and was trying to pitch, all while staying on brand.

After our rebranding effort was complete across all of the author's current and future media, we presented the rebrand to his agent. She was completely satisfied with the new look and feel of the website. While we were stoked that his agent was excited to pitch our author with his new look and sound to publishers, we were even more satisfied with how our client felt. He could not express how amazed he was that his new identity reflected him outwardly on a deeper and more personal level that he thought imaginable.


And That is What WE Strive For

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